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    5 tips for analysing your website traffic

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Tue, Aug 29,"17

    Here is an excellent post from my colleague and fellow WSI Digital Marketing consultant Mel Gard.  Mel really has distilled arguably the 5 most important areas to look at to gain a deeper understanding of how you can improve the conversion efficiency of your website.  I have retitled the post to something which I believe more accurately described the content - but the rest is as Mel put it orginally on the WSIWorld blog.

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    How Fast should we respond to Form Submissions?

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Thu, Aug 17,"17

    I hate to say it but the answer is rapidly becoming....Instantly! Here's why.


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    Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing

    3 signs its time to get an agency to help with your lead generation

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Mon, Aug 7,"17

    If you want the same results, keep doing the same thing - apparently you are on your way to insanity if you expect different results to come from the same activity.  This might be OK if the results are Good or better than Good.  But what if they are poor, or if there are no results at all!

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    4 Quick and Easy Ways to boost traffic to your website

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Mon, Aug 7,"17

    Here is a great post from a colleague in the WSI network Cormac Farrelly.  There is nothing new here, no ground breaking revalation.  Just some good sound common sense advice - and it is amazing how when you go back to basics and look at a company's internet presence - there is often a lot of work to do just to bring things back into line with the fundamentals.

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    Why Time is Not the Enemy of Marketers

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Wed, Aug 2,"17

    Here is a recent post from Cheryl Baldwin who is Director of Marketing communications at WSI.  I have included it word for word below because it is highly relevant for a number of clients we are dealing with currently.  To generalise slightly we find there is a geniune desire to implement a digital marketing strategy that will set the company apart from the competition and create a paradigm shift in the relationship the brand has with its' customers and prospects and there is an understanding that it will take time to achieve this.....................but in reality there is no intention of allowing time for the implementation and results to come to fruition. 'Instant' results are required.

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