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    2 Surprising Truths About Viral Content

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Wed, Aug 12,"15

    2-suprising-truths-about-viral-contentViral content is any content that 'goes viral", or in other words, it spreads quickly via social media and is viewed, read and shared hundreds or thousands of times.

    Viral marketing on the other hand, involves specifically tailoring a piece of content to go viral.

    When it comes to your business, the difference between viral marketing and viral content matters. You can find many examples of viral content that is shared by huge number of people but is quickly forgotten. On the other hand, remember this extremely useful article that actually made a difference with a problem you were having. This piece of content builds the writer's credibility more than a highly viral funny stuff.

    To help you with imrpving your viral content we write an Ebook: 2 Surprising about Viral Content (And 2 Things it means to Your Business)".

    In this ebook we want to focus on highlighting some truths about the anatomy of viral content. Then, we will show you how to optimally apply these notions to your content and social media strategies to generate the best all-around results.

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