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    Granite Imports’ Digital Presences Gets Rock Solid Boost from WSI Digital Marketing

    Posted by Tom Bluemink, on Wed, Jul 15,"15

    In an effort to attain significant expansion results both digitally and geographically, premium stone distributor Granite Imports in Denver has teamed up with the world leader in digital marketing, WSI. Using their strong SEO and online marketing expertise, WSI is taking the company to new levels, helping the premium stone distributor gain access to untapped markets and reach their fullest potential in meeting Colorado’s ever-growing specialty stone demands.

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    7 Awesomely Advanced Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz, on Tue, Jul 14,"15

    PPC campaigns are often the source of wasted marketing dollars.

    Marketing budgets are precious things and should be handled with extreme care. We certainly don't want you leaking any marketing dollars from your PPC campaigns, which is one of the reasons we created our latest ebook: 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways To Get More From Your PPC Campaigns. The eBook is as much about mastering the basics of PPC as it is how paid search advertising can integrate and enhance many other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. For example, PPC and SEO actually work in beautiful harmony when implemented correctly, which is something a large section of the Internet would have you believe otherwise.

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