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    Digital Marketing Roadmap - TIP #2 - Technology Is Changing Marketing

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Thu, Mar 26,"15

    RoadmapThere is no question that technology is driving change in the marketing world, and yet marketers and businesses still lag on the adoption of new gadgets, devices and digital channels. For some, it’s the old “head in the sand” approach, but here’s a newsflash: things are going to change, whether you like it or not. For others, keeping up with technology seems daunting, so they just don’t do it. One thing is for sure: marketing is not driving change in technology, so even if you label yourself a marketer, it would serve you well to become a bit of a technologist, too.

    In tip #1, we talked about how much different the Internet looked 10 years ago. Well, what do you think the digital world will look like 10 years from today? If you’re smart, you’ll say you have no idea. How could you? The breakneck pace of the technological advancements we’re making is incredible, to the point that every business and marketer should be using a tool, channel or device that is outside his or her comfort zone. It’s the only way to get used to working in an environment in constant flux, but it’s absolutely necessary because that’s the world we live in.

    Actionable Tip: Doing digital the right way involves working outside your cozy comfort zone. The next step in outlining your digital roadmap for 2015 is asking yourself whether you’re prepared to learn new things in order to move forward. Put more focus on learning new technology and all of the sudden, the marketing part won’t seem so difficult.

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