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    Digital Marketing Roadmap - TIP #4 - Humanise Digital Experiences

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Thu, Apr 2,"15

    RoadmapCustomers are human. Even if you’re a business-to-business company, humans carry out the buying and selling. These distinctions might seem obvious, yet you can still find robotic, company-centric marketing messages that are filled with corporate jargon. Does that sounds appealing? We didn’t think so.

    Look, customers are intelligent and they know what’s going on in the digital space. Customers understand there is a constant battle for their attention that’s never going away, so they’ve learned to ignore poorly executed marketing. These days, that means marketing messages that haven’t been humanized.

    First and foremost, your digital content should speak directly to your customer and it should be about your customer. Obviously, your content needs to be about your business and its offers too, but it should all be written for the customers’ benefit. And no, it’s not to the customers’ benefit if you tell them how great your products and services are - that’s a decision you need to let them make on their own. When you can tell there’s a real person behind a marketing message - a real human who is trying to reach out to your personally - that’s how you know you’re having a humanized digital experience.

    Actionable Tip: Put a little bit (or a lot) of yourself into your marketing framework for 2015. If you’re a solo operation, don’t be afraid to become the face of your company. If you’re on a team or part of a big business,
    let the people define your brand and its message. Be honest, transparent and real - customers will recognize when you aren’t being human and
    you’ll lose them forever.

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