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    Digital Marketing Roadmap - TIP #5 - Tell Stories

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Mon, Apr 6,"15

    RoadmapEverybody loves a good story. Stories are why we read books, go to the movies and watch TV shows. The stories surrounding athletes and the games they play are what make the Olympics and professional sports so intriguing. We love stories so much that, by contrast, we think anything that isn’t a good story is boring and irrelevant. So the question is, are you telling a story with your marketing?

    The majority of businesses are embracing the chance to tell their story, which is a trend that will continue in 2015. The good news about the digital space is that it offers a variety of great storytelling mediums for businesses: long and short form articles, videos hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, social stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, infographics, presentations on SlideShare and even relatively untapped mediums like Vine. So you have an audience that wants to hear a story and various mediums by which to tell your tale; the rest is up to you!

    Actionable Tip: Write your brand’s story because in 2015, you’ll need to tell it. This story should weave its way through your entire framework and be present at every stop on your digital roadmap. Your story should be real, it should be human, and it should aim to connect and engage with your audience (as opposed to forcing your products and services on them).

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