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    Digital Marketing Roadmap - Conclusion

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Mon, Apr 13,"15

    RoadmapThe key to predictions and prognostications is actually doing them on your own. Yes, reading somebody else’s off-the-wall trends of the future is fun - especially if you go back to see how right or wrong they were - but it’s tough to take action. In this whitepaper, we discussed the potential shifts and trends of the digital landscape and provided some ideas for how your business can adapt to these changes in 2015. Here’s a summary of where the digital marketing industry is heading and the actionable tips we came up with:

    Just showing up is no longer good enough:

    • When it comes to digital, don’t do the bare minimum
    • Determine whether you can commit the time and resources to doing digital the right way (if not, doing nothing is better)

    Technology is changing marketing:

    • Are you prepared to learn new things in order to move forward?
    • Focus on new technology and marketing will get easier

    Paid advertising channels deserve your attention:

    • In 2015, find a way to include paid advertising channels
    • Cheap way to promote your content, increase reach

    Humanize digital experiences:

    • Put a little bit (or a lot) of yourself into your marketing framework
    • Be honest, transparent and real
    Tell stories:
    • Market your brand by telling your story
    • Your story should be real, human, and aim to connect and engage with your audience

    Optimize the digital journey:

    • Choose marketing tactics that integrate well with each other
    • Create an optimized digital journey for your customers

    In terms of adapting to an always-evolving market, your business’ desire and willingness to embrace change is the key. Will you look to the future and try to figure out what your business needs to do to succeed, or will you stick your head in the sand and hope for the best? If you are the kind of marketer who wants to get the jump on your competitors, creating a digital framework based on your own predictions and observations about the digital space is an excellent way to do that. Happy roadmapping, marketers!

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