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    Digital Marketing Roadmap - TIP #6 - Optimize the Digital Journey

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Thu, Apr 9,"15

    RoadmapIf there’s one big takeaway for this whitepaper, it’s that when it comes to the digital world, everything is connected. Your marketing strategy should connect the dots of your digital roadmap and lead your customers along your brand’s optimized digital journey. In order to optimize a customer’s digital journey, you must deliver a consistent presence across your digital properties. This includes your website, content, social media and mobile marketing efforts working in concert to present a seamless customer experience regardless of device, country, or time of day.

    It might seem like a difficult task to integrate and streamline different tactics, but that’s exactly why you need to start mapping out your 2015 digital framework right now! Armed with a roadmap and a destination for your digital marketing efforts, you can determine your brand’s story, choose how you’re going to tell it, and then prepare to deliver it. The only thing left to do? Embrace the opportunity to execute the framework you’ve just built!

    Actionable Tip: When considering marketing tactics for 2015, ensure that the channels you choose are easily integrated with the other tactics your brand is using. At the end of the day, your channels shouldn’t cause friction - that might confuse people trying to engage with your brand. Your tactics should work in unison to create an optimized digital journey for your customers.

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