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    3 signs its time to get an agency to help with your lead generation

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff on Mon, Aug 7,"17

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    If you want the same results, keep doing the same thing - apparently you are on your way to insanity if you expect different results to come from the same activity.  This might be OK if the results are Good or better than Good.  But what if they are poor, or if there are no results at all!

    As a digital marketing executive, I see many organisations large and small, spectacularly fail to implement their digital marketing strategy in a coherent, structured and efficient way, and sometimes they fail to implement anything at all.  Generally,  we see this because the organisation has certain elements they want to deliver in house - when that is done they will consider implementing our proposal for X.  So we watch and wait for the in house element to be delivered and sometimes this takes years or never happens at all.

    What am I getting at here?

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    Well, recently we launched our 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas eBook designed to help companies use digital marketing techniques to create a steady stream of leads from their internet presence.

    Hopefully you have downloaded it....How is it going???  If you've implemented the techniques and all is going well - read no more.  If you have read it but not donw aything yet - or probably more likey you haven't even managed to read it all yet maybe you need some help to get things underway.  Because if you continue to not getting around to doing it, please do expect the same results!

    OK - its time to take a good long hard look at your organisation in the mirror.  If you see any of the following, it might well be a good idea to get on board with an agency.

    Failure to Launch

    One of the biggest obstacles to doing anything is getting started. The act of starting is much more difficult than it seems, and that’s because it involves the fragility of the human psyche.

    Often the underlying cause of failure to launch is fear. Fear of the unknown, of not having success; there are many logical reasons fear prevents people from getting started.  Typically in organisations it manifests itself, or is rationalised by, PRIORITISATION.  ie: x y and z are higher priorities, we need everybody to focus on z y and z befire we even think about launching this new thing we know relatively little about.  usually x,y and z are the bread and butter day to day core activities of the business, or activities that team member are more familiar with delivering.

    If you’ve yet to start applying the lead generation tips and tricks we outline in our eBook, it’s a surefire sign you could use a helping hand to set your business in the right direction.

    It’s Just Not Working

    We’ve all tried to accomplish something and come up a little bit short. We’re extremely confident in our 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas eBook and strongly believe the tips and tricks can get results. But sometimes even the best-laid plans don’t work out.

    How many times have you heard a story about somebody trying to fix the plumbing in their house, only to finally tap out and call a plumber? Or how about hiring an electrician after DIY-rewiring results in an near-miss electrocution?  Sometimes DIY is false economy.  To translate this to business - if you don't have the right resources and skill sets in you organisation to deliver ANY project - it will fail to achieve its full potential.

    If you take a carefull look at your in house resources you may find that you can get the right mix by bringing an agency, or specific skills from an agency in on the project.

    There’s No Time

    Another reason businesses turn to agencies for help with their lead generation efforts is time. Time is money, and whether it’s business owners who need to focus on the clients they do have, or in-house teams that already have too much on their plates, lack of time is a a huge pain point.

    Businesses often view the choice to keep marketing in-house as a pragmatic, money-saving decision. But at the same time they load their teams up with a list of activities to keep them all busy - the consequence is that the New project X is just never going to happen this year - can you realistically afford for it NOT to happen this year?.

    If the answer is No - then you need to bring an agency in to work alongside your marketing team to make sure all your corporate intitiatives are delivered as intended.


    If you’ve read this and are wondering what this 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas eBook is all about you can, download the guide here!

    We encourage you to implement our tips and tricks on your own. Our intention with the eBook was to distill lead generation into 30 actionable items that a business owner or a marketing team could implement.

    However, if you’re having trouble getting started, aren’t seeing the results we outline, or just plain don’t have the time, then contact us. We’d love to help your big idea reach its full potential by providing you with a steady stream of qualified leads!

    Richard Wagstaff

    Director WSIDMG

    Topics: Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy

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