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    Improve Customer Engagement with Inbound Marketing

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff on Fri, Aug 28,"15

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    Related to our previous video on marketing automation - Inbound Marketing is all about helping your target market with whatever it is that matters to them in order to develop a relationship whereby, at some stage in the future, they may have a need for your products and services and choose your company to supply. It can be applied in B2B and B2C situations.

    Inbound marketing and marketing automation can often go hand in hand because the process of 'giving' to all your potential customers would be highly resourcec intensive if performed on a manual 'one to one' basis. This would probably only work in a very niche high value, high margin business. On most business applications, Inbound marketing can only be cost effectively implemented if some or all of this process is automated.
    So now we can see how these videos are related, this video about improving customer engagement with Inbound Marketing, sets out 5 key elements to inbound marketing and briefly explains each one. You will be able to see how each of these overlaps with the previous video on marketing automation.

    1. Create Buyer Personas

    Segment you target customers groups into profiles that make sense to your organisation.

    2. Nuture Leads using a sales funnel

    Develop a process to track leads from the first point of contact to the sale and beyond.

    3. Leverage Quality Content 

    Create/use content of real value to your buyer personas.

    4. Use landing pages that convert

    Use landing pages to support the flow of leads through your sales funnel.

    5. Multiply your efforts with workflows

    Use marketing automation, or some other process to systemise the communication with your target customers as they move through the sales funnel.

    Just to re-iterate, inbound marketing is something we will become increasingly conscious of as individuals and businesses, as other organisations start to implement their inbound marketing campaigns on us! Although it has been around for nearly 10 years, relatively speaking inbound marketing is a 'new frontier' in the digital marketing world and therefore presents a great opportunity for those companies prepared to learn and implement early. Equally it is a threat to those not willing to keep pace with fast moving world of digital marketing.

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