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    Improving Sales Using Web Analytics

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff on Mon, Dec 14,"15

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    web-analitics.jpgThis video is part of a series of content we will be publishing about tracking and monitoring digital marketing performance against business goals.

    Background: - We have recently written about the importance of having a Digital Marketing Strategy. A good Digital Marketing plan will deliver the strategy, it will reflect the business goals and have clear objectives, milestones and key performance indicators. As the Digital Marketing plan is implemented it is vital to monitor the progress of the plan and its impact on the key performance indicators.


    This video highlights in broad terms the key areas to monitor with Google Analytics, (although with GA there is a plethora of elements of your digital marketing presence that can be measured and reported on,) to make sure you understand the trends and activity on your website and enable you to make informed decisions to improve its efficiency.

    Don't forget - it is now possible to pull data from Google Analytics into a Google Spreadsheet and combine it with other data that is relevant to your business using the Google Analytics plug in for Google Spreadsheets. With this plugin you can create automated reports from Google and present the information exactly as you need it for your own company requirements.

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