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    Linking Adwords to Google Analytics and then Importing Analytic Goals as Conversion for Adwords

    Posted by Tom Bluemink on Tue, Dec 8,"15

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    Ok so this post tackles two issues people usually run into with Google Analytics and Google Adwords the first being, “why am I unable to see my Adwords data in Google Analytics?”. So I will quickly show you how to easily link the two accounts.


    Google Analytics Linking

    Firstly you need to enable Adwords Linking within Google Analytics, you do this by logging into GA and selecting the ‘Admin’ tab at the top and then select ‘Adwords Linking’.


    Then you need to select the Adwords account you want to link > Insert the name in the ‘Link group title’ box > Click the drop down titles ‘Linked view(s)’ and select ‘All Web Site Data’ > Expand the ‘Advanced settings’ option and make sure auto tagging is enabled > Click ‘Link accounts’.


     That's Google Analytics linked, now you just need to link the Adwords side of things.


    Adwords Linking

    Log into your Adwords account and click the cog icon in the top right corner and select ‘Linked accounts’ > then click ‘View details’ under Google Aanlytics title.



    Then you will be able to open the name of your account by clicking the ‘+’ untill you see ‘All Web Site Data’ > then click ‘Add’ and click ‘Save’.




    After you have done all of the above both your Google Analyitcs and Adwords account will be linked.


    Importing Goals from Google Analytics

    By importing goals from Google Analytics we tackle the second issue which I failed to mention earlier which I will try to explain as simply as I can. For a lot of my clients I create goals in GA which tracks the URL of the thank you page after a contact us form is completed, this tracks organic conversions for the client. I also add a Adwords conversion code to the thank you page to track contact us completion for the Adwords campaign. By doing this the data is incorrect because for every contact us form that is completed, two conversion are being tracked.

    The way to stop this from happening for this particular conversion is remove the Adwords conversion code and create a goal in Google Analytics. One you have linked both accounts as we have we done above it is very easy to import these as conversions and here’s how you do it:

    After you have linked both GA and Adwords you will have to wait at least 30 minutes >then log into Adwords > Click the ‘tools’ tab > then select ‘conversions’

    Click 'Google Analytics' in the left menu > Check the goals you want to import > Confirm the conversion settings > click ‘import goals’.


    You will now be able to track all Goals/Conversions in Google Analytics including accurate data which is pulled from Adwords.  Please comment below if you have any issues regarding linking your accounts and creating goals.

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