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    Why Time is Not the Enemy of Marketers

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Wed, Aug 2,"17

    Here is a recent post from Cheryl Baldwin who is Director of Marketing communications at WSI.  I have included it word for word below because it is highly relevant for a number of clients we are dealing with currently.  To generalise slightly we find there is a geniune desire to implement a digital marketing strategy that will set the company apart from the competition and create a paradigm shift in the relationship the brand has with its' customers and prospects and there is an understanding that it will take time to achieve this.....................but in reality there is no intention of allowing time for the implementation and results to come to fruition. 'Instant' results are required.

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    Reveal Dental engages WSI to Improve Online Presence

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Thu, Feb 4,"16

    Reveal Dental, a modern Cedar Park dental practice, has retained the services of WSI to improve their local online Presence. 

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    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz, on Mon, Aug 17,"15

    Last month, our digital marketing video series entry covered the components of building better brand authority. This time, we'll put the spotlight on a closely related topic: brand promotion. Before your brand can truly become an authority, it needs to be widely recognized. The goal of brand promotion is to make your brand name and logo synonymous with your products, services, people and culture.

    In today's digital climate, it's becoming increasingly harder to stand out. But there's a sliver-lining that comes with this widespread opinion. Because the digital space moves so fast, an increasing number of companies are letting important aspects of their strategy - like brand promotion - fall to the wayside. And it's actually understandable; sometimes, there just isn't enough time. However, if you are willing to put in the time, energy and effort to properly promote your brand, you stand to reap huge rewards. So to help you get started, here's our latest WSI Digital Marketing Video, 5 Sure Fire Ways For Improving Brand Promotion:

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