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    5 tips for analysing your website traffic

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Tue, Aug 29,"17

    Here is an excellent post from my colleague and fellow WSI Digital Marketing consultant Mel Gard.  Mel really has distilled arguably the 5 most important areas to look at to gain a deeper understanding of how you can improve the conversion efficiency of your website.  I have retitled the post to something which I believe more accurately described the content - but the rest is as Mel put it orginally on the WSIWorld blog.

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    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz, on Sat, Aug 15,"15

    Last month, we were all about brand promo and explored how-tos for getting your target audience to finally take notice and marvel at all you have to offer. So this time around, we’re going to focus on how a digital marketing strategy not only attracts prospective customers, but takes customer acquisition – and more importantly customer loyalty – to a whole other level.

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