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    Web Design Stats You Can’t Ignore in 2016

    Posted by Richard Wagstaff, on Mon, Feb 29,"16

    One of the toughest aspects of digital marketing, for both marketers and companies, is keeping up with how fast it changes. Just think about it: if it's possible for busy marketing teams to fall behind and miss things because they're immersed in their day-to-day activities, imagine how tough it is for people outside of the industry?

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    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz, on Fri, Aug 14,"15

    We live in a world of excess, where more of everything is better. "Bigger, louder and more teeth," as a character says in Jurassic Worlda movie on pace to set box office records for making the most money. But it's true. You don't hear much about films that get good reviews and end up being profitable; the industry is driven by the movies that make waves at the box office.

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