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    Why Build a Digital Marketing Roadmap?

    Posted by Yaron Berkowitz on Thu, Mar 19,"15

    Why Build a Digital Marketing RoadmapBuilding a roadmap means that you will have a defined path to follow that is vital to digital marketing success. It’s a complex world out there in the digital space, and trying to do “a little of this and a little of that” just won’t cut it.

    The best marketing campaigns follow a framework that acts as a map from the starting point to the end goal of the entire strategy. Every step of the journey is determined before setting a strategy into action, and while having the ability to pivot and adopt as you go along is great, the framework exists to ensure that you always accomplish your end goal.

    It is like setting out on a road trip where you have a destination in mind and a route that will take you there. You might take a few pit stops or deviate from the plan a little bit, but you always get back on track with the main route, because that is what will lead you to your destination, no matter what.

    One billion people using smartphones as their only internet access is a fantastic insight, how are we going to make use of it? Truth be told, you are probably going to share the fact on Twitter, scribble it on a Post-it Note and ultimately forget about it. In the end, prognosticating the future of the digital landscape is interesting, and certainly helpful in theory, but not every day will we be able to put it into practice. Now is the best time to map your business’s future with a framework.

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